Dear Aviation Friends, 

We are sure that every sport, including gliding, is combined of small pieces. Every extra kilogram in your glider, doubts of safety or dependence of time means physical or psychological disadvantage. We are glider pilots and our main goals is to make sure that every glider pilot has reliable, long lasting and quickly charged electric power system. By meaning „everyone“ we are saying that this system needs to be affordable for everyone. And it is actually the idea of this project – to set more affordable prices of necessary glider equipment. We are challenging overpriced aviation products and offering the lowest price for glider battery systems with the best quality. To make this happen, we are consulting experts of electronics and offering only the most popular types of certain products, so the loss is minimized. We receive our products directly from well-known worldwide manufacturers, so good quality is assured. Welcome to our glider battery shop!

  We are open to suggestions of more products to be included to our catalogue.

  We are open to cooperation with online shops/aeroclubs/etc.


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