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Dear Gliding Friends,

Our primary mission is to enhance safety within the gliding community.

In an era dominated by electronics, the world of gliding is no exception. It is critical to have reliable and seamlessly functioning electronics. And not only for optimizing instrument performance but also ensuring the flawless operation of safety devices. Recognizing this essential requirement, our commitment is to equip every glider pilot with modern batteries that are not only safe and reliable but also affordable. We leverage the latest knowledge and engineering practices to elevate the safety standards of glider batteries without compromising on cost.

Our product lineup compromises standard size LiFePO4 batteries tailored specifically for gliders. We are dedicated to maintaining a high standard of excellence by utilizing premium materials and cutting-edge safety solutions. Our batteries feature top-tier A+ grade cells sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers, a high-quality Battery Management System, multiple temperature protection sensors, pure nickel plates for enhanced vibration resistance, and a special battery pack’s layout design for enhanced safety. These are just a few examples of the measures we undertake to provide you with batteries that exceed industry standards and prioritize safety above all.

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